Future Tranpsortation Fuels Study
LDV Methodology, Analysis Tools, and Documentation

Click here to view the July 17, 2012 Fuels study report.

LDV Overview Package

  Summary of NPC LDV Analysis Tools and Documentation Files (.xls)
  FTF Study LDV Integrated Analysis Model Overview (4/25/12) (PowerPoint)

LDV Integrated Model Set

  Case Results (.xls)
  Inputs (.xls)
  Matrix Collection (.xls)
  VCM (.xls)
  VISION – base (.xls)
  VISION – high (.xls)
  VISION – low (.xls)

LDV Model Documentation

  Integrated LDV Model Set Users Guide (.pdf)
  LDV Analysis Time Horizons (.pptx)
  Vehicle Attribute Model (.pdf)
  Vehicle Attribute Model Users Guide (.pdf)
  Vehicle Choice Model Documentation (.pdf)
  VISION 2008 Users Guide (.pdf)
  VISION Model Description (.pdf)

LDV Supplemental Models

  FTF Study Biofuels Inputs (.xls)
  FTF Study Infrastructure and Fuels (.xls)

LDV Output Analysis Tools

  NPC Cluster Analysis Dashboard (.xls)
  NPC Case Analysis Dashboard (.xlsm)

HDV Analysis Tools

  HD Modelling Assumptions (.xls)
  TRUCK Class 3-6 Market Penetration Model (.xls)
  TRUCK Class 7-8 Market Penetration Model (.xls)

HDV Model Documentation

  TRUCK 5.1 Model Documentation (.pdf)


Revised September 14, 2012