NPC Future Transportation Fuels Study:
Advancing Technology for America’s Transportation Future

Study Topic Papers

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Topic Papers

Transportation Demand

Paper #1: Air Transportation Demand

Paper #2: Rail Transportation Demand

Paper #3: Truck Transportation Demand

Vehicle Platform Technologies

Paper #4: Alcohol Boosted Turbo Gasoline Engines

Paper #5: The Connected Car: Smart Technologies to Reduce Congestion (Intelligent Transport Systems)

Paper #6: Low Temperature Combustion

Paper #7: Mass-Market Adoption of Ultralightweight Automobiles

Hydrocarbon Liquids

Paper #8: Production of Alternative Liquid Hydrocarbon Transportation Fuels from Natural Gas, Coal, and Coal and Biomass (XTL)


Paper #9: Analysis of the Fatty Acid Biosynthetic Pathway for the Production of Fuels in Genetically Engineered Bacteria

Paper #10: Are We Going to be Able to Meet World Food and Biofuel Demands in 2050? (Long Term Food and Biofuels Projections)

Paper #11: Genetic Engineering to Add Traits Not Natural to the Feedstock

Paper #12: Macroalgae (Seaweeds)

Paper #13: Microbial Fuel Cells

Paper #14: Separations Landscape for the Production of Biofuels

Paper #15: U.S. Woody Biomass Yields at the State and Regional Level

Paper #16: Yield Projections for Major U.S. Field Crops and Potential Biomass Crops


Paper #17: Advanced Batteries: “Beyond Li-ion”

Paper #18: Emerging Electric Vehicle Business Models

Paper #19: The Interaction Between Plug-in Electric Vehicles, Distributed Generation, and Renewable Power (Electric Vehicles for Distributed Storage)

Paper #20: Vehicle to Grid (V2G)

Natural Gas

Paper #21: An Initial Qualitative Discussion on Safety Considerations for LNG Use in Transportation

Paper #22: Renewable Natural Gas for Transportation: An Overview of the Feedstock Capacity, Economics, and GHG Emission Reduction Benefits of RNG as a Low-Carbon Fuel


Paper #23: Development of Non-Precious Metal Catalyst for Oxygen Reduction in PEM Fuel Cells

Hydrogen/Natural Gas

Paper #24: Advanced Storage Technologies for Hydrogen and Natural Gas

Paper #25: Hydrogen-Compressed Natural Gas (HCNG) Transport Fuel

New Fuels

Paper #26: Artificial Photosynthesis

Greenhouse Gases and Environment

Paper #27: Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS)

Paper #28: Criteria Air Pollutants

Paper #29: Greenhouse Gas Life Cycle Assessment/Analysis

Paper #30: Data Variability and Uncertainty in Greenhouse Gas Life Cycle Assessment

Paper #31: Water Usage

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